• Mrs. XYZ
    aged 29 years
    I was then referred to AB Associates by a friend. Their discreet and prompt service got me facts of the case and helped me take a better decision regarding my marriage proposal. It was better to get into marriage with some critical facts established than living with suspicion. Thank You AB Associates.
  • Mrs. R...
    age 32 - Married
    I had enrolled my sister into an online matrimonial portal. We were quite new in a state of flux because there seemed to be an inherent risk in just going by the snap and general details with AB Associates, there seemed some way out. We were able to get a complete background check on the shortlisted groom's educational qualifications and work related matters. It gave us the confidence to trust and go ahead with the process of finding the right groom for my sister.
  • Mr. M...
    Age 58 - business man
    My daughter is 24 and we were looking for a prospective groom for her. I had enrolled her into our community specific marriage site. She is an architect and she kept getting proposals from software engineers, Pune. But I had to be sure if I was sending my only daughter overseas. I used the service of AB Associates and realized that the person, whom she was chatting with, had lost his job 4 months back. We were saved by the skin of our teeth. Thanks to AB Associates.
  • Mr. ABC
    aged 25 years
    I entrusted a pre matrimonial verification to one of the verification agency which made big promises earlier but after giving the advance money did not care to even receive my call. After weeks of struggle and fight i gave up. After hearing about AB Associates, I thought for taking a second chance. I was surprised by the professionalism of AB Associates. No false promises. I got more than what i was expecting from the verification. God Bless You.
  • Miss S....Vyas
    My fianc'e (male) used to work in office till late night and also don't know the organization environment when I tied up with him and I was having some confusion about his job. Later when I come to know about his job & his timings, I felt better to know something much about him. I hired an AB Associates (investigation agency) to check his profile discreetly" information results helped me, clean all my uncertainty. Thanks for all the details. It has been very helpful. Appreciate all your efforts (as well as of the investigators on the case) and assistance in the process you have given me the piece of mind
  • Mr. V.. Agarwal
    I am thankful to AB Associates that they had solved case of Pre Matrimonial for his guy as to marry that girl before knowing him much as far as his nature, education, professionalism are concern. This case is of Jaipur and Gurgaon and solved by him within a 2 week time.Thank you.
  • Mr. 1234
    I was badly needed of verification services as my personal life was in trouble. I conducted little verifications in Ahmadabad. All were having same kind of frame work to follow the person to whom they were referring the subject and see his all activities but when I met AB Associates, I see their thinking is slightly different. So I did verification who will become my life partner.
  • Mr. J....
    am from Mumbai and assigned my Matrimonial case to AB Associates, Jodhpur. They took all the case very carefully and understood my requirements. After getting to the verification outcome. Suggests other persons to go for verification for safer future & AB Associates is the path to do so.

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