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Match Making through AB Associates, is truly reliable and trusted path. Our aim is not match making but more than that because we know & realise the value of Human life in todays era. In a contemporary and dominating Indian society where marriage is considered as social and cultural obligation and contract of life, where Marriages are religiously, economically, politically, and socially oriented and they are generally arranged by the elders and extended family members.

 In this scenario the chances of frauds increases by hiding and misrepresentation of facts, or an intention to personal benefits which could be monetary or hiding of  physical disability, and already separated pre relationship.

The graph of Divorce cases is rising tremendously due to wrong decision taken by self/parents and misguidance by family members/relatives/friends etc. or by providing fake information by the counterpart.

We at AB associates believe in trusted relationships among people where thousands of people suffer wrong decisions. Our panel of experts discuss & investigate within the scope of various parameter pertaining to both sides namely Bride & Groom and their family backgrounds, thereafter shortlist the most reliable profile with verified parameters. AB associates know and understand very well that after breakage of marriage due to any miss-happening (except natural calamities) like misunderstanding, extra marital affairs, dowry, demand etc., the subsequent part life becomes very difficult and painful to the parents & near- dears for the whole rest of life. 

All this we do by offering the proposed candidates on our website, whose matrimonials are preliminarily verified, viz details provided him are primarily checked.

Later after selection or finalisation of proposal from both prospects, we do a detailed investigation of demand of the candidates of payable of investigation fee.

All this is done in strictly confidential manner without any information to the proposed candidate, through our strong investigators and information network. Our reports are based on the information & findings gathered from friends, relatives, neighbors, workmates etc. without bringing in knowledge to proposed candidates. All this ultimately reduces the risk factors indulged in getting into unknown blind relationship. AB associates does not AIM to earn money primarily but to aim a healthy, prosperous & peaceful life among each individual because we admire and appreciate that Human life is the most pleasant gift of GOD and we want every individual to enjoy this gift by minimizing marriage problems.

Our objective is not matchmaking but more than a support of providing fully authenticated services of selection of right life partner or soul mate.




Perfect Match Making

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